Ear Force PX3 Headphones FG with DSS2 bundle

The Ear Force® PX3 XBOX 360® headset features stereo sound, XBOX LIVE® chat and a wireless audio and chat connection for crystal-clear game audio. Combining outstanding comfort with a lightweight design and enhanced online communication, the PX3 puts you in the middle of the action so you’ll enjoy a gaming experience that’s second to none.

The Ear Force DSS2 5.1/7.1 channel Dolby surround sound processor transforms any stereo headset into full, immersive surround sound for playing XBOX, PS3 or PC games and watching movies with Blu-ray or DVD players. It works with any set of stereo headphones and is the perfect complement to the Turtle Beach Ear Force series of stereo gaming headsets.

NOTE: For surround sound with PC Games you also need a "DDL" capable Sound Card.

Item Number: TBS-2240-BUN

Your Price: $199.95

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